5x5 day 11, I think.

5x5 squat @ 135#
5x5 bench @ 70#
5x3 deadlift @ 185#

Solid squat sets, with the last set better than the first. Bench and deads still light. I did switch to mixed grip on the deads midway through. Wanted to concentrate on perfect movement without being distracted by the pressure on my thumbs. I am told my gym has ordered a women’s bar. It’ll help because I’ll finally be able to get more finger hooked around than I can on the men’s bar right now. Though lifting with a thick bar is good for grip, so I dunno.

Also, I did the deadlifting with bare feet. Took the Merrell Gloves off because I felt they were interfering; they are hereby demoted to Very Comfortable Casual Shoes.

Bare feet are awesome. Saw a guy deadlifting at the same time I was in those running shoes with giant cushy heels with huge air bladders. They were too big for him to boot. He was practically knock-kneed. I winced watching him. Wanted to tell him to take his damn shoes off & burn them, but of course one doesn’t do that sort of thing.

Finished off with 3 sets of Tate presses, incline variation.

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