5x5 Day Six

5x5 back squat @ 110
5x5 overhead press @ 55
5x3 power clean @ 75
sled pushes up & down the sidewalk, running, 2 plates on
much slower sled pulls, same weight

The squat weight is still in the “not exactly inconsequential, but so light that I am freely tinkering with my technique” category. My foot position is wider and my ending position is much lower than it was last time. I am concentrating on conquering once and for all that little inward twitch my right knee does. Another thing I’m doing to work on that is adductor rolling with a barbell. This is exquisitely painful, like foam rolling only, you know, with a barbell. So it’s hardcore. (Also effective.)

Sit down on the floor with the leg you’re not rolling extended and the leg you’re about to roll bent at the knee. One end of the barbell goes at your extended foot; rest the other end on your bent leg. Roll until you find the spot that makes you yelp. You can shift the point of the barbell that rests on your leg up and down to make it more or less intense. Use the junior bar if the big one is too much. ‘Cause I’m warning you, this is ouchy.

Sled pushing is a fantastic metcon. It meets all the requirements of a good metcon: low skill threshold; easily scaled in multiple dimensions; gasses you out hard; the failure mode when exhausted is directly related to exercise performance not technique; you won’t kill yourself by dropping the sled on your head. (Example of a disastrously bad choice for a metcon: the barbell snatch.)

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