Max effort phase.

I’m into a max effort phase now. Heavier weights, singles, lots of rest between sets. Also, restricted ranges of motion for the lifts.

Rack pulls: 5x135, 5x185, ranging up to 3x295 (my max deadlift), then singles up to 345 which is a new rack pull max for me. Legs had no trouble with it. The grip on my left hand is a problem, though. The freaking bar slid right out of my hand on the way down. I’d have gone up and tried another lift otherwise.

Box squats: same pattern of 5 reps at light weights, 3 reps when I start to feel it, then singles once I’m up at my max lift for the full lift. All the way up to 200, where I mentally flinched and failed. Need to keep my shoulderblades under full tension when I touch down on that box. Gah.

For cardio work recently I’ve been doing kettlebells instead of running just for a change of pace. If I use a 16kg bell I mix snatches and swings. Did 100 swings @ 24kg yesterday.

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